Repair Or Replace


roofing-contractor-wilmington-ncCommercial roofing is different from residential in that the roof is designed to last considerably longer.  This does not mean the roof will be permanent and not need anything from a minor repair to a major replacement.  A commercial roof has four possibilities: replacement, recover, repair and recoat.  Here is a bit of information on each of them.


Some damage is minor and will not need any major improvements.  When choosing a repair consider the following:

  1. Membrane is intact and still within life expectancy;
  2. Insulation is still solid;
  3. Minimal cost.


Even damage that seems major can be easily fixed with a recover.  The membrane can often be covered with a fresh membrane if the roof remains sound.  We at Harbor Roofing and Siding can help make this determination by looking at:

  1. Solid insulation but the membrane is out of life expectancy;
  2. No previous recovering.


Unfortunately, not all roofing qualifies for repairs and recovery.  Sometimes a major replacement is warranted.  If the roof has been recovered previously, replacement is necessary.  Here is why to replace a roof:

  1. Over 25 percent of the roof has sustained damage;
  2. Insulation is low, wet or lacks adequate coverage;
  3. Long term solutions to problems;
  4. Latest roofing technologies available.


A second coat can be a real savings for the owner and the roof because:

  1. Extended leak protection;
  2. Longer roof life;
  3. Coatings reflect heat;
  4. Less disruptive;
  5. Cost effective – cheaper than other options.

No matter what you decide to do with your commercial roof, it is best to contact a professional.  We at Harbor Roofing and Siding will come to your location and do a full inspection of your roof and make a determination based on several factors.  Ultimately, we want you and your commercial property to have the best solution available at a reasonable cost to you.  Contact us today for help and a free no-obligation inspection.

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