tile roof

What to Consider When Investing in a Tile Roof

tile roof

Tile roofing is an excellent option for many residences. Tile is very durable and looks great. If you are curious whether it’s right for you, keep reading!

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Tile is Long Lasting

We have discussed this a couple of times before that tile was very durable. But we did not go into detail how durable tile roofing can be. Tile is notorious for being able to last for almost a century without the need for replacement. That’s because tile is made up of slate, concrete, or clay that degrades very gradually when utilized as roofing material.

Tile is Damage Resistant

There’s a reason that tile lasts as long as it does. Tile roofing is very durable and easily resists damage which might otherwise lead a roof to crumble. Materials such as flying items in a hurricane, baseball-sized hailstones and blunt impacts from falling tools won’t have the ability to break tile.

Weather Won’t Affect Tile

Roofing companies, most of the time, suggest roofs based on the climate in your area. Metal roofing is fantastic for warm climates, whereas shingles are best in cooler ones. But tile roofing excels wherever you’re located. Whether it is blisteringly hot or freezing cold, tile stays a strong option in terms of roofing material.

Tile Requires Little Maintenance

Because of tile roofing’s durability, it’s possible to expect that you will not be seeing many issues on the tile roof. If properly installed, tiles care for themselves and you’ll only have to keep them clean. Leaks are very rare because the material is thick and only breaks if something heavy strikes it.

Tile is Pest Proof

If there’s an issue with pesky creatures digging holes in the roof tile roofing is the solution. Rodents, mice, birds, and insects will find it very challenging to dig into a strong tile roof. That’s because of how they’re made of re-purposed clay which does not decay or rot over time. It’ll keep it solid and make it almost impossible to dig through.

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