Corrugated Metal vs Standing Seam Roofs

corrugated metal roof

Standing seam roofing is a maintenance-free and durable metal roof that is common on commercial buildings that consist of vertical panels, a seam on both sides that vertically stand up, thus the name “standing seam.”

The panels of a standing seam roof may be built using a number of radius profiles, a highly sought-after option for buildings that have a number of roof levels. When a standing seam roof gets installed, it has shadow lines which run endlessly from the roof’s eave to its ridge, along with an accent on each roof angle’s pitch & plane.

Metal roofing has become the ultimate option in roofing today for residential and commercial properties. In terms of design, asphalt vs standing seam shingles, metal standing seam roofing will meet or exceed asphalt shingles.

Which is the better option, corrugated metal or standing seam? Either one is an excellent product, both exceed standard asphalt shingle roof material; however, of the two, standing seam metal roofing is the best option for 3 reasons:

Design and Appearance: It’s common to be confused when people hear the term corrugated metal roofing. To assist in clarifying, corrugated is anything that has alternate ridges and grooves, like a corrugated box. When utilizing the term corrugated along with metal roofing, it’s referring to the metal sheets’ interlocking ripples. Therefore, what’s standing seam metal roofing? It’s interlocking metal panels that have raised seams which run from the ridge to its eaves. The texture and design are best for shedding water and snow and is suggested for low-pitched roofing.

Fastening: Both types of roofs provide various aesthetics, and both offer various fastening systems. The fastening of a standing seam roof is more reliable than a corrugated metal roofing’s interlocking system that’s fastened to the sheathing of the roof. Standing seam roofing is fastened and installed above the surface with its screws protected and concealed by the surface. It’ll create a streamlined appearance with material that’s thicker and more durable than corrugated metal.

Durability: A corrugated metal roof does not have the ability to accommodate flashed brackets, so the fasteners are exposed and they’ll become loose in 10 years. It increases the necessity for maintenance, as compared with standing seam roofing.

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