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Flat Roof – Yay or Nay?

flat-roofing-installationNot many residential homes feature flat roofs as these are normally used on commercial properties.  Flat roofs are designed to be long lasting, much longer than a residential roof.  This does not mean a commercial roof will never need a replacement.

A flat roof is designed to take many different kinds of weather and handle all of it with flying colors.  What appears on the surface to be a flat roof is actually a misnomer, because all flat roofs have some degree of incline to help wick water and debris off of the roof.  The material is irrelevant as all of the roof materials are designed to wick in the same basic way.

The roof itself is covered with a thin membrane or rubber coating to keep the sun’s UV light and cold weather from affecting the structural integrity of the roof.  This membrane is secured to the subroof with nails or screws.  These are specially designed to seal behind themselves, keeping moisture out of the roof.  Gravel is then used to weigh down the roof and secure it thoroughly to the subroof of the building.

Commercial roof damage occurs most commonly around the parts that expose themselves through the roof.  This includes chimneys, plumbing exhaust and HVAC duct work.

Repairs are quick and easy.  It is best to have an annual inspection of the roof to be 100 percent certain the roof is in top shape without leaks, cracks or structural problems.  Gravel, as strange as it sounds, can spread around the roof, and this is a part of the annual inspection.

Fortunately, commercial roof installation expects and prepares for common acts of nature such as tree limbs, hail and the occasional sleet.  These repairs also go quickly because of the preparation taken ahead of time.

If you need a flat roof for a new building or a replacement, you need to be 100 percent certain your roofing contractor has experience with commercial construction.  It is vital to the roof, the safety of the building and the occupants that the building’s roof construction is solid.

This is why you can be sure your friends at Harbor Roofing are certified and licensed for commercial roofing and repair.


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