Horizontal vs. Vertical siding: Know the Differences

Horizontal Vinyl SidingVinyl siding has come a long way in its technology. In fact, today’s homeowner considering vinyl siding will have more options available to them than ever before. This means color, insulation amount, its R value, material and even design can be quite overwhelming for a homeowner looking for a change or a new build.

One thing that also needs consideration and throws another wrench into the decision making process: how do you want it installed?

Installation can be horizontal, the most common way, but siding can also be installed vertically.

Keep reading to learn about the differences, and how a small change can make a big difference.


Many homeowners and builders like horizontal vinyl siding. It is quick and simple to install and maintain. This saves money on both sides. The drawback is water can at times make its way into the gaps. This is easily resolved with small drain holes in parts of the siding. The holes often come pre-drilled from the manufacturer, and the homeowner is none the wiser about any water accumulation.


The extreme commonality of seeing horizontal siding makes many homeowners believe it is the only way to install siding. This is not the case.

Vertical installation has a few advantages that horizontal siding does not have, and the simplicity of the installation is virtually identical between the two ways.

The system is, by design, considerably more water resilient than with horizontal siding. Water will naturally fall and not collect inside the gaps. Cleaning is easier as well for the same reason – no water retention during or after the cleaning process.

As wonderful as vertical installation may sound, there is a rather steep drawback. Installing vertical siding is considerably more expensive than horizontal siding. Furring strips, wood strips used to raise the siding off the interior walls, must be installed between the sliding pieces.

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  1. Leviticus Bennett on June 14, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    That’s really neat that vertical siding is easier to clean and more water resilient. I live in a city that is very rainy. It’d be nice to finds some siding that can hold up really well against the weather.

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