Trends in Roofing for 2021

roofing trends

Since the roof’s “invention,” there have been endless developments to it. In the past, a roof was simply utilized as a cover that protected the occupants and possessions in a building. However, today, people also are concentrating on the aesthetic element and integrating additional uses. In 2021, expect to see more of the following trends in roofing:

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Metal roofing makes a comeback

For a while, people have chosen other roofing materials like vinyl membrane, concrete/clay tile and wood. The metal was saved for barns and industrial buildings. Until 2021, that is.

Now, roofing companies are taking on a new approach to metal roofing and have discovered ways to place them on commercial buildings. Through a variety of colors and styles, those companies have made metal roofing for commercial structures possible.

Designed of alloy strips, steel, aluminum, or copper, metal roofing is available in a variety of textures and shapes. In addition to being visually appealing, metal roofing has a plethora of benefits– such as being durable and assisting buildings in standing for years– which makes them a huge hit for 2021.

Energy-saving roofing

Turning towards green energy has been an ongoing trend across many industries. Solar energy has been a highly sought-after green energy option. It is pretty much the most abundant and least expensive source in the world. With solar being added to roofs, buildings may become fully energy independent, which saves a ton of money on utility bills.

For quite some time, the go-to solar energy-producing tool was solar panels. However, through time, there’ve been endless developments in this industry. Solar shingles/tiles are the new thing, and while there’s still a lot to learn about them, their better visual attraction over solar panels has people trying them.

Cool roofing

As global warming and climate change continuously threaten our world, cool roofing is the next big thing.

Designed with energy-reflecting and -absorbing materials, cool roofing absorbs or reflects heat, depending upon the size of a wavelength of electromagnetic energy that is emitted by the sun. They’re also designed with lighter colors, as bright roofing reflects electromagnetic energy.

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